about me & the site

hi!! i’m april (they/she). i am simply a little ghost creature that lives in your computer and i make stuff in my free time, and this site is for hosting that stuff :)

i plan on posting a couple of types of stuff here: fiction, both short and long, blog posts mostly about art i care about, and sometimes some graphics stuff. this is gonna change over time im sure! im doing my best to make stuff while its fun and not be beholden to anything, so we’ll see how much i actually post here. i hope to continue doing that though!

i like weird niche videogames, but not exclusively weird niche ones. right now im interested in games that need peripherals (wappy dog and the eyetoy), visual novels (especially western indie ones), interactive fiction, and rpg maker stuff, but that’s not exhaustive. im trying to broaden my taste in film and music too, and i read a decent amount as well!

if you want to find me elsewhere (and are over 18), you can do so on twitter or cohost. i also have twitch and tumblr but don’t use them much…

and if you want to chat, feel free! my discord username is “aprilghost”, i have twitter dm’s open at the moment, and you can email me at april.ghst at gmail etc etc.

please also take a look at the friends of the site page and look at their stuff and also give them money maybe